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Is The Effect Of Using Sizegenetics Permanent?

The effect of using the extender is permanent. On the other hand, you can stop using the extender once you have attained the girth and length that you want and at the same time the pen curvature is corrected. However, you can still use the extender depending upon your preference.

Does The Size Of The Pen Matter Prior To Using The Extender?

Yes, the SizeGenetics is a pen stretcher, so the size of your pen truly matters. You may not need to use the device if you already have a long pen. But, the device fits any pen size even if you have 1.6 inches long pen when flaccid.

Can The Effects Of Sizegenetics Be Enhanced When Used Along With Other Pen Exercises?

Yes, the SizeGenetics is already an effective pen extender, yet you can still increase your length gain once you combine it with pen exercises. This allows you to gain girth and size easily and quickly than executing manual exercises alone.

Is There A Limit For The Maximum Girth That Could Fit In Sizegenetics?

The extender has the ability to accommodate 6.35 inches maximum girth of flaccid pen. Most men have 4 inches flaccid pen girth, so it is highly recommended for all sizes.

For How Long You Can Put On The Sizegenetics?

It is a fact that putting on the device is very easy, however the quickness of putting on the extender depends on the practice and attachments utilized. In addition to this, using the extender more often will make it easier for you to put in on.